EMC² Consortium Conference

From September 29th to October 2nd the EMC² Consortium Conference 2014 has taken place. The conference was hosted by partner OFFIS e.V. in Oldenburg, Germany.

The focus of the conference that was attended by more than 100 project members was twofold: First, on the presentation of the project progress and its achievements during the first six project months. Second on the networking between the partners to further foster the collaboration between the technology oriented work packages (WP1-WP6) and the application innovation oriented work packages (WP7-WP12, so-called living labs LL1-LL6). A marketplace with several booths proved very useful for this purpose.

The embedded systems segment is presently undergoing a disruptive innovation process, in which previously closed systems are being forced to open up. The current multi-core and many-core processors are too slow, inefficient and expensive for critical and real-time applications. EMC² takes an innovative and sustainable service-oriented architecture approach for mixed criticality applications in dynamic and changeable real-time environments that will force the breakthrough and deployment of multi-core technology in almost all application domains – Space, Transport, Medical, Energy and Industry – where real-time and mixed-criticality are an issue. 

The first half project year was mainly dedicated to the definition of requirements. In a first step, high level requirements common to all work packages were derived. Based on these, each work package developed technical (low level) requirements. The low level requirements are being mapped to the common high level requirements.

Within the frame of the first conference day the progress of each technical work package was presented and discussed in detail. From this assessment it is concluded that the project progress is according to plan.

The second conference day was dedicated to the marketplace. Many work packages used the opportunity for demonstrations and in-depth discussions with interested visitors at their booths. Presentations and demonstrations included both EMC² topics and liaison activities with other research projects. Liaison activities were underlined by invited speeches on the ARAMIS and EMC² projects given by Markus Damm/Henrik Theiling and Andreas Eckel, respectively.

Selected marketplace presentation material: