EMC² Newsletter 4

EMC² - a platform project on embedded microcontrollers in applications of mobility, industry and the Internet of Things - publishes its fourth newsletter focusing on selected preliminary project results.

Newsletter 4 content:

  • Joint project conference and exhibition with French Systematic cluster
  • EMC2 design environment integration for mixed critical CPS
  • Mechanisms for dynamic runtime environments and services - highlights and cooperation
  • Automotive applications with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • EMC² use case “Highly automated driving”
  • EMC² use case: “Design and validation of next generation hybrid powertrain”
  • COTS multicores in avionic applications
  • FPGA partial reconfiguration in space applications
  • EMC² “Internet of Things” use cases
  • EMC² use case: “Video surveillance for critical infrastructure”
  • Developing safety & security co-engineering methods for cyber-physical systems – Windows of Opportunity for Standardization
  • EMC² Workshops and special sessions at renowned conferences in 2016: CPS-Week, SAFECOMP, Euromicro DSD/SEAA

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