EMC² Newsletter 2

EMC² - a platform project on embedded microcontrollers in applications of mobility, industry and the Internet of Things - publishes its second newsletter.

Newsletter 2 content:

  • EMC² - Workshop on Embedded MultiCore systems for Mixed Criticality applications
  • Heterogeneous multi-core AMP platform for embedded applications
  • Safe and secure avionics multi-core platforms via paravirtualization
  • „Does it work? Mostly.“
  • EMC² - Development Platform™
  • European Mixed-Criticality Cluster
  • ARTEMIS project MBAT - Combined Model-based static Analysis and dynamic Testing of Embedded Systems
  • Call for Papers for Workshop on Dependable Embedded Cyber-physical Systems and Systems-of-Systems
  • Special Session on IEEE INDIN Conference, Cambridge, UK, June 22-24

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