EMC² - Dynamization Squared

Infineon has taken over the overall coordination of the Europe-wide research and development project EMC². The project began on the first of April, will last for a period of three years and has a volume of approximately Euro 100 million.

The EMC² consortium includes 98 partners from 16 European countries (DE, AT, BE-VL, CZ, DK, EL, ES, FR, IE, IT, LV, NL, NO, PT, SE, UK) and Israel. This is the culmination of an intensive preparatory phase lasting over a year and a half. The coordination of this mammoth project, anchored at Infineon Microcontroller, is supported by Knut Hufeld, Werner Weber and Madeleine Meier from Business Excellence. In the future Werner Weber will take over as director. On April 8 the kick-off meeting is held on the occasion of the Munich Spring Event. eMag spoke with Knut Hufeld about centrals aspects of the project.

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