WP1 - Embedded system architecture

D01.01 - State of the art and SoA architecture requirements report, Lucia Amorosi, Dario Pascucci, Thales Alenia Space Italy (TASI), 24.10.2014

WP2 - Executable Application Models and Design Tools for Mixed-Critical, Multi-Core Embedded Systems

no public deliverables yet

WP3 - Dynamic runtime environments and services

no public deliverables yet

WP5 - System design platform, tools, models and interoperability

WP6 - System qualification and certification

WP7 - Living Lab Automotive

WP8 - Living Lab Avionics

no public deliverables yet

WP9 - Living Lab Space Applications

D09.02 Space Applications Concept report, Lucia Amorosi, Dario Pascucci, TASI, 04.05.2015

WP10 - Living Lab Industrial Manufacturing and Logistics

WP11 - Living Lab Internet of Things

D11.01 System level requirements, Yudani Riobó, Quobis, 31.12.2014

WP12 - Living Lab Cross Domain Applications

WP13 - Standardisation Reports

D13.23-24 Initial Standardisation Report and Plan, Erwin Schoitsch, AIT, 06.05.2015